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  • This project needs to remain a plugin for at least a year before even considering making a core component. You are rushing to change something that really doesn’t need changing.
    Old Saying “If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix It”

    I can see this blowing up in your faces and damaging the WordPress reputation and loosing your 28.6% of all websites in a short period of time as people move to other platforms.

    Please Stop this rush to force Gutenberg on us and let it grow naturally, your beta has more 1 stars than 5 and your overall score from the community is 2.5 stars.
    Remember us “The Community” you seem to be ignoring all the concerns and rushing headlong into a storm of your own making and blow the potential consequences.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    The project is moving fast within the plugin, but it is still a plugin. It is not at merge proposal point. There also will be a way to turn off the experience in core, it’s just not decided yet how.

    I think it’s important to look a little at your comment:

    Old Saying “If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix It”

    The editing experience for a lot of users (existing and new) is actually broken. Sometimes it is hard to see outside of our experience or the sites we work on. However, it is. For WordPress to thrive and grow, which means that everyone’s business will also, it needs to progress. Remaining at a static point does not help anyone. Change is incredibly hard. Humans don’t like it one bit. WordPress needs to change though.

    The people creating Gutenberg are the community. Even those hired by Automattic, many started in the community. They are not removed from it, the team is engaged and listening.

    Hi Tammie
    I am not against change, I am against the speed that this is being implemented as I have said in other posts and I am not the only one, even Joost de Valk is asking you to slow down.
    I like the idea in principle but the speed of implementation is far to fast, on your original time line we would already have Gutenberg.
    Like a lot of people we are just asking you to all slow down and take a breath, as I said above “Let it Grow Naturally”.
    I have tested a few versions of Gutenberg on our test bed against current clients sites and the outcome is scary and will be incredibly costly to our clients.
    I am not saying STOP, I am asking you to all slow down a bit, take a breath and implement it with a sensible time line from Beta, to plugin and then to core.

    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    That’s great to hear as change we all know needs to happen for WordPress to grow and the ecosystem to thrive.

    The project is being allowed time, there’s a lot of work going on right now to give it space and iterate. That’s something you can see in each release. I think we both agree on the need for more testing, more feedback and that loop to see improvements.

    Can you maybe give me some insights into what are the biggest scares and issues on your test bed? I would love to dig a little deeper.

    Hi Tammie

    I am very glad to hear that your slowing it down.
    My biggest scare you probably wouldn’t want posted here but I am happy to send you screen shots of what clients pages look like when we turn on Gutenberg.

    My two biggest concerns are the time it is going to take to retrain clients and there reaction to that (will not go down well as we can’t do it for free) and the currently huge issue with massively broken pages and the cost of fixing them, again, we can’t do it for free.

    You can drop me an email at and I will send you screen shots of just how bad it can get using Gutenberg on a current site.

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