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  • I am having the same issue! 🙁

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    Hello kletskater and oyjaydesigner,

    Your issues seem like a known bug that could be fixed locally for your case, and is already sorted out on our end. It is about to be included in the next release of UppSite.

    So in order for us to fix it locally for you, will you be able to send us your URL’s to We will instruct you there as for the right solution.

    Thanks and regards,
    The UppSite team

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    We did the installation process on behalf of oyjaydesigner and all works fine now.
    We did not have any problem throughout the process.

    Thanks and regards
    The UppSite team

    thanks uppsite support, did sent you my url

    My issue has been resolved, thanks UppSite!

    uppsite mobile does not work for me:
    -The site does an eternity to load.
    -the layout is gone.
    -the menu is confusing.
    -here’s nobody waiting, my mobile viewers go a minute and wait until the loading site, or discover how uppsite works

    Plugin Author MySiteApp


    Hello Eric,

    As per our ticketing correspondence, please kindly reply to the ticket with: “what kind of device you are using and the operating system (Android and or iOS)”. On our testing devices, everything works well..

    As per the menue and the design, we will enable some kind customization soon but right now thats the app structure.

    Waiting to get your ticket reply.

    I’ve sent you a mail with what you asked for

    I have just downloaded the latest release, but I have the same problem a few others had before.

    I cant get the install to run past the signup stage, and when I try this on the main site it tells me the plugin is out of date, but its the latest one.

    Install just recycles to lets get started page.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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