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  • I’m using wordpress to run a communal blog where all members can post. However, I didn’t expect that to mean that members can edit each others’ posts which seems to be the case. Yikes.
    Right now all new members are able to edit initial posts by other members (even though they are all at user level 1). How can I fix that? I would expected the default behavior to be that you can only edit posts by those with a lower user level if any.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • ran into the same issue- easy to fix without much fuss- edit your main index template.
    look for the “div class=”post”” at the end of that you’ll see “?php edit_post_link(); ?” right before the ending div for that section- just remove it.

    Thanks for the suggestion to remove “?php edit_post_link(); ?” from the template. That works, though it does mean that for a user to edit their own posts they have to go to their “edit” menu and find their posts there.

    well it is after all just point and click- not like they have to really work. lol

    Gday there. I had this exact issue…surely this is not how every install begins, otherwise there would be a lot more posts about the issue. This is the only one I’ve found so far.
    Thanks for the suggestion bAs but I also don’t want to use a global change like that, as I want the less-work-the-better for my rather novice users, myself included.
    Did either of you find or consider another way?




    I think the way that WP is set up, users can edit the posts of other users of EQUAL or lesser value. IE, a user of rank 2 can edit posts by otehr rank 2 users, as well as rank 1 users. But a rank 2 user cannot edit the posts of a rank 3 user.

    I’m running 1.3 where this seems to have been changed so that you can only edit a person’s post who has a user_level strictly less than yours (which seems much more natural). I was not aware it had been different in 1.2.x (it’s only me on my blog).
    In addition to what was mentioned above, you might try the following (this is a result of a cursory glance through the code – no guarantees it catches everything):
    find all the lines in wp-admin/post.php that have an
    if ($user_level < $authodata->user_level)
    and change it to a less than or equal to:
    if ($user_level <= $authodata->user_level)
    This (I think) would result in only being able to edit posts of users who are lower down in the ranks than you are.
    Lines 219, 450, 559 in the latest 1.2.2 source.
    You should make a backup first in case this suggestion goes horribly wrong.

    In 1.3a users of equal level can edit each others comments on their posts (though not the posts themselves), hopefully as things progress this will be addressed, too.

    Looks like this has been fixed. In the current CVS, a user can get to the comment editing page for a comment belonging to the post of another user of equal level, but cannot actually edit the comment.
    Ideally, you wouldn’t even be able to get to the page, though.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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