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    Looking at the documentation:
    there is a paragraph
    VERY IMPORTANT: If you accidentally or intentionally enter values that are not in accordance with the above scenarios (possible combinations) in the fields related to the stock and its status, these values will be ignored by the system and will not be reflected even after saving and refreshing the page.

    So, my problem is that in the Woocommerce settings I have hide out of stock inventory items from the shop and only 2 out of 4 In stock items are being displayed.

    All 4 items show as being in stock in WooCommerce Stock Manager.

    If I am making mistakes because of the “VERY IMPORTANT” above I wouldn’t know because the documentation doesn’t show how the variation setting should be set up. I’m thinking that this is the reason I’m missing inventory display on the front end.

    I’m particularly confused because the total of all the variations isn’t updated on the master inventory item. I manually calculated the total and the instock inventory still doesn’t display.

    Also I’m confused because of: why is there the selection “Manage stock” because I wouldn’t be using a tool like yours if I didn’t need to manage stock.

    A bit of guidence would be gratefully accepted – I really like the layout and functionality, I just need to get to a place where I get predictable results.

    Thanks for any help you have time to provide.


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  • I am having the same the problem. The strange thing is that it used to work. I only noticed this today when a user pointed it out to me. All plugins got automatically updated the last couple of days.

    The exact symptoms are as follows:
    Updating stock levels in WooCommerce Stock Manager screen has no effect on stock levels when I look at them in Product -> Variations
    As I said this worked before.

    However once I do try and edit a variation stock level via WooCommerce Stock Manager the “Manage Stock” tick box at variation level in the product page becomes unselected and the stock level for that particular variation disappears from the product page on the store front.

    If I click on “manage stock level” in Products -> Variations the original stock level is still there and if I save it the product becomes available again on the front page.

    I am starting to wonder if there is a potential conflict with another plugin.

    We have the following plugins installed:
    Woocommerce (obviously)
    Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce
    NC Size Chart for Woocommerce
    WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor
    WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slips
    WooCommerce Waitlist
    WP Help
    WP Dashboard Notes
    WooCommerce Stock Manager (now disabled)

    As mentioned when I first installed the plugin it worked fine.

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    Hello stehsegler,

    Just to let you know, to help your troubleshooting, I’m not using any of the plugins you mentioned above except WooCommerce. Yeah when I first set it up it seemed to work.


    I did disable all plugins except for Woocommerce and the WooCommerce Stock manager but it still won’t work.

    I will probably try and do a fresh install in a separate instance to see if I can recreate the problem.

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    Yeah, you made it past where I ended, I didn’t see
    “However once I do try and edit a variation stock level via WooCommerce Stock Manager the “Manage Stock” tick box at variation level in the product page becomes unselected and the stock level for that particular variation disappears from the product page on the store front.”

    Spent an enormous amount of time already. Hope it isn’t just because I’m dumb and at the same time I hope that it is, then it might be fixable.

    I only found by chance that the “manage stock” tick box would be un-ticket. Once I saw that I could successfully recreate the problem.

    I am now checking to see if there is a conflict with another plugin. I did disable all other plugins but that didn’t seem to fix the issue. So now I am installing an other instance and activate the plugins one by one until I get the error.

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    Thank you for the hard work!

    Hi All,

    We were having the similar issue and it took me an hour to find out what actually causing it.

    Once i checked all the check list in Display section shown here , the quantity updates works again.

    Hope this would help anyone who have the similar issue.

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    Thanks for the comment queenielow but all my boxes were checked and the problem persists.

    Hi Bigwavemaui,

    Do you have access to your hosting log file? You can try to tail -f debug.log (debug.log is just example of the log file, usually log file is located in /var/log) on the command line and then try the saving steps again on your website and see what error it display on the command line.

    Did a full re-install of the site on a dev server and it all worked without a problem. Following queenielow’s suggestion I then played around with the “Display setting” and disabled some of the columns for easier viewing. This would recreate the problem.

    Disabling “Manage Stock” in the display setting seems to be culprit. I can successfully recreate the problem by repeatedly turning off and on the “Manage stock” column.

    My wild guess is turning it off defaults the manage stock setting for the variation to that of the parent which for products with variations is “No”.

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    I’m still in a bad place here. I checked the error log and I don’t see anything relevant. I checked that display settings boxes and are all checked. Keeping an eye on the “Manage Stock” tick box at variation level. Moving between the regular product pages and the stock manager.

    I’m still hitting all this random stuff. I’m creeping through this process and it’s really unpredictable.

    I’m keeping it at it but I can tell that the other commenters were running production woo commerce shopping carts. Are you still using this plugin? If not could you please give me a boost and let me know your preference in a stock manager that is proven to work cleanly.

    Thanks again to stehsegler and queenielow for all the help, I really appreciate it.



    Plugin Contributor Musilda


    Hi Brian

    can you send me screen WooCommerce Stock Manager on my email
    I want to see, how it looks, and i will try help you, with your problem.

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    Hello Musilda,

    I’m VERY happy with your response and I am equally happy that you are updating this super plugin! I am definitely going to follow through. I have to reinstall the plugin and trim down my WordPress installation first then watch for my email.

    I’m going to mark this issue as resolved.


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