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  • When adding the code to my header all the menu items are stacked on top of each other instead of side by side. Any idea as to why it would do that?

    After I figure that out I would like to change the drop down color. Is that located in the .css file?

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  • Ok figured out the background drop down color but not as to why the menu items are stacking on top of each other.

    Well having trouble changing the background color of the menu is are these the two classes I need to look at? I changed both and it did nothing.

    .transMenu .background {


    .transMenu .item.hover {

    If you don’t give a link to your site, these questions are next to impossible to answer.

    Also, is this related to a plugin or something?

    Ya transmenu plugin. Link to the site wont do any good as this is a live site and I cant leave it with a broken menu on there.

    This is a css problem, but I dont know css well enough to tell you how to fix it.

    I get exactly the same problem without any style sheets in the header.php

    I downloaded a theme that already has a horizontal page link navbar coded into the header. (popblue) and copied the code right over <?php wp_list_pages(” ); ?>

    It works beautifully in firefox. not so well in IE6. theres too much space between the links displayed and the navbar pushes down to the next row and ruins the layout. example

    Im guessing this is all css related, but not sure of how to fix it.

    If anyone knows how to fix this for IE6 and 7 it would be much appreciated.

    To change colors for TransMenu you need to change the colors in both the css file and the js file.

    For the css file stylings that you see are fairly obvious, and for the js file it is right at the top.

    Tinker around a bit and I am sure you will get the results you want.

    Hi guys..

    sorry not beeing around… If you post the questions to the plugins page at my blog its easier for me to keep track. (I know some of you have problems with the anti-spam… I think Ill turn it off)

    This plugins lists the pages using
    “li” tag.

    It usually work fine in themes that already have a horizontal list of pages, because this is usually done with “li”
    “li” also. So the plygin fits itself into the template.
    If your template doesnt have a horizontal list ready, you will have to make one yourself editting the styles.css of your theme.

    So.. look for a template that already has a horizontal list. Its easier

    To change the color go to transmenu.css, the code is documented so you can know where to change. Pretty easy.

    I know this plugin has lots of javascript and css issues… Thats why I tagged it as 0.2.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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