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  • @originalexe

    Hi there. I loved your plugin but I notice it is no longer deleting all the unwanted image sizes which are associated with WooCommerce for example. I have 7 different image sizes now for one image, where I only require 2 (normal size and thumbnail). That is after I have “cleaned up” image sizes with your plugin.

    Can you possibly help see if your plugin needs an update since the latest WC update?

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  • Plugin Author OriginalEXE


    Hello @dav74,

    I am glad you found the plugin useful. I will have some time this weekend to work on improving it (it has not been updated in a long time), and I will check the WooCommerce compatibility as well.

    Thanks for reporting this, will let you know what I find out.

    @originalexe Yes it was a really useful plugin. It all worked perfectly for quite some time, keeping my images required to a total of 2 ifferent sizes. I guess with one of the more recent WooCommerce / WordPress updates, something has changed.

    Updating the plugin would be great news.

    @originalexe Morning! Wondering if you managed to look at the updating of your plugin at all on the weekend?

    @originalexe I noticed with the lastest WooCommerce update that their new “image regeneration” feature is possibly causing an issue with things. I disabled this WooCommerce feature with the below snippet, ran your plugin and cleared over 1000 images from our DB. For some reason their “image regeneration” feature was making unsharp thumbnail images.

    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_background_image_regeneration’, ‘__return_false’ );

    So if you are looking at updating your plugin, maybe that information is of help to you. Also if you want me to test the plugin if / after you update it (before you put it live), give me a shout.

    @originalexe Sorry another update! I also noticed now that with the latest WooCommerce update they have a “regenerate thumbnails” button in teh WooCommerce tools (well it displays if I do not have my filter running).

    Do you think this functionality does the same as what your plugin does, or does it just create extra images? I am not sure it removes unwanted images, but rather creates new images.

    Hi there, it is not working for me either. It actually delete some images, but the ones that are being used, leaving the not used ones. This plugin worked so greatly. I`m very sad it is not updated yet πŸ™
    However, really thank you for the time it was, developer! πŸ˜‰

    The plugin does still work. The issue is WooCommerce (or at least for me).
    In WooCommerce, do not set any image sizes in the “customiser”, then all should be OK.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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