• I have a problem with the latest version not counting bundled products in cart with pricing against the official plugin WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.

    Let’s say you have a couple of shipping options depending on cart value. $0 – $49 = $5 shipping. $50 and above – Free shipping. This is not working with products bundled through this plugin.

    I’ve spoken to the developers and they wonder why the $_product->get_price() * $qty might not get applied correctly on the bundled products. If both the get_price value and the quantities are correct, then the cart totals should be fine against Table Rate Shipping.

    At the moment the products that are Bundled through this plugin isn’t counted at all in the cart by Table Rate Shipping – leaving the user with the, in my case, highest shipping rate. Even if I have bundled products with a value of $10.000, the shipping rate is still the highest one.

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    Hi @gisselfeldt ,

    Thanks for contacting us here.

    Unfortunately, our plugin is not fully compatible with that plugin. It’s only possible to apply a flat shipping rate to all bundled products or the whole bundle in the current version of our plugin. The multi-level shipping rates might not be applicable.

    Best regards.

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    Thanks for your response @wpclever ,

    That’s strange because it worked just fine in version 3.x, but not in 5.x. I have a testing environment with WPC 3.7.2 and that counts the products just fine with Table Rate Shipping. 5.x doesn’t. So something has changed on that part between the two versions.

    Best regards,

    Edit; Found the problem, and solved it by disabling the filter for woocommerce_cart_shipping_packages in the plugin. I had solved it in the previous version that way also, that’s why it worked in 3.X.

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    Hi gisselfeldt, I think I experienced a similar problem, where bundled products’s shipping cost is not counted individually although it’s been setup that way in Table Rates (the ‘official’ plugin by woocommerce), but the bundle is counted only once regardless of the number and kinds of variable products chosen by the buyer.

    I’ve set in the bundle product to ‘Apply to each bundled product’, although ‘Apply to the whole bundle’ has also been tried, both under Shipping fee of the bundle.

    Could you elaborate on your solution? We don’t have a lot of in-house IT personnel so you sharing will be very kind!


    ​To be more accurate, it seems that all different variable products in a bundle are each added only once for shipping cost, regardless of the number of the individual items (variable products in our case) added to the shopping cart.


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    @edwinatgideon look for “add_filter( ‘woocommerce_cart_shipping_packages’, array( $this, ‘woosb_cart_shipping_packages’ ), 99, 1 );” in the class-woosb.php-file.

    You could probably remove the filter through functions, but try commenting the line out first and see if that helps.

    Should have updated this earlier.

    After some experimenting, the setup can work if the fields are set correctly.

    For example, in our case, the simple / variable products are set according to what have been set in ‘WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping’ plugin as needed.

    But then the bundled products for them need to be like this:

    Shipping class: No shipping class
    Shipping fee: Apply to each bundled product

    Hope this helps someone.

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