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  • Today, sadly I have logged in to give a negative 1 star review.

    I fully understand, one needs to pay the rent.

    But not like this. Not like this.

    It should be pretty clear at this point that you made a grave mistake.

    I hope you can work out a business model that does not destroy your reputation as this has.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    @reidbusi, but the plugin works, right?

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    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    @reidbusi, Please can you review the plugin and not the author or the author’s business plan?


    My original review is of the plugin. That should be obvious given what has been done here. But if you would like me to elaborate:

    Sure. This used to be a great free plugin. People built parts of their sites around it for years.

    Then the author pulled the rug out from under us, and made much of the key functionality part of paid addons. Had the author not done this but added other functionality as paid addons, we might very well have happily bought them.

    So now the plugin is less than half of what it used to be, I will not be using new versions of it any more as it is inadequate for many of the purposes we used it for. I will rebuild client sites that are affected using other solutions.

    Alternately, as gpl’d code, I could fork it from v6.4.9, rename it and maintain it myself.

    So I can thank the author for years of a fine plugin, but that is over now.

    As long as I maintain free plugins on, they will remain so. Only new and products never posted here will be paid, in an honourable fashion.

    Will that do? Does that explain how my original review is in fact about the product and not the author? Don’t be coy about this.

    Given what happened to WP-SpamShield and now this obtuse comment from you to me, I have serious concerns about the future of the plugin repository. Look at what happened to woocommerce in this respect. 40% cut? Is that what we can expect to happen here?

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing



    I would argue that your review, much like all of the other 1-star reviews received since version 7, are not really reviewing the plugin, but just complaining about the fact that features you think should be part of the plugin, are not.

    The plugin still stands and still does what it’s name, as well as what the readme/plugin page here, implies. But those features are not being reviewed here. Furthermore, you don’t explain why the plugin is now inadequate for your use-case. So, again, you are not reviewing the current features of the plugin.

    And finally, I feel that it is disrespectful for you, and all of these other 1-star reviewers, to discredit the vast amount of time and effort that was completely free for about 9 years, and to discredit the amount of time and effort that will continue to be free on this plugin.


    I guess you missed this:

    So I can thank the author for years of a fine plugin, but that is over now.

    The fact that you have to be so defensive about this decision should tell you something.

    Thanks again for the old versions of the plugin. I’m out.

    Actually, I’m not quite out…

    I’d like to point out that the 226 5 star reviews were for a different plugin, one that had different features.

    So are we going to leave those reviews up? Since they are not reviews of the “current features of the plugin”, they will mislead people.

    Also I did “explain why the plugin is now inadequate for your use-case”, the features that some of my client sites were built around are no longer present (profiles and redirection).

    Now I’m out.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    They were current at the time of posting…

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