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    I wanted to restore some items I deleted to the trashcan, but somehow the connection seems to not be there anymore.

    I do see the files in the folder where their supposed to be, so that’s great, files are not lost, but I cannot recover them, as they are not in the MC Dashboard.

    I did this with the free version, then uploaded to the pro version, activating this with key. Then disabled and deleted the free (because a pop-up asked me to). Today the site lost connection to the key and I re-updated that.
    Now the files are not linked to the dashboard. The issue only became visible to me today after all these steps, so maybe I made a crucial mistake somewhere.

    Is there a way to reconnect this wpmc-trash to the dashboard again?
    I added one of the files that is in the trashcan so you can see it’s actually there.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    The trash, like the one in WordPress, uses the database. So if you click on Reset Cleaner DB in the Settings, yes, all this information is gone… and there is no way to retrieve it.

    If you didn’t do this, I don’t see why those database tables would go away however, there is no way, except if you are using a plugin that removes all the tables from the DB.

    But yes, in short, the best way is to restore a backup of the website 🙂 That what I would do.

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    I did not click on that. And I the files are still there. They would be gone if I deleted the database, so that’s not what happened.

    Putting back a backup is not an option anymore, since the website is being build and a lot of changes has been happening already. I simply did not count on this de-connection to be happening.

    It’s making me questioning of returning the Pro version, because this is a site with lots of images, and putting 10 images back as a trial is not the biggest deal. But running the plugin again for a big chunk of images is something I’m not comfortable with after this error. Cannot fix hundreds of images.

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    Could it be that it’s somehow connected to an older trashcan and put the images in there and then lost connection with that? Because I’m finding way more images in the trash than I ever put in there. Maybe there was already an older database in there?

    Or because I switched to pro, back to free and the key was deleted? And deleted that free (not pro, that was)

    Because if i understand why the disconnection happened, it will help me in doing this again, it’s for a customer site and I do not want to lose any data. There’s just SO MUCH images, SO MUCH duplicates. It’s a complete mess.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    I checked the code and I noticed that since the latest version, after a few complain that the plugin not removing its own DB and options automatically when uninstalled, now it does.

    I am personally against that idea, to avoid this to happen. I will change that, to make sure the plugin doesn’t remove its own database, even if it’s removed (it’s not like it’s slowing down WordPress anyway, and it can be removed through the Reset DB button I mentioned).

    I think you can try it on your customer site, but you should really and absolutely prepare a backup. That way, you can really try to clean as much as you can, safely.

    Another thing; you mentioned DUPLICATES. Was your customer using WPML Media? This plugin is known to do that (I strongly against using it). To remove duplicates created by WPML Media, it’s better to re-install WPML Media, and delete all the Media entries which are related to the non-base language. If you can it with Media Cleaner, it will detect the Media entries are indeed used, since… duplicates are linking to the same files (which are used). You can also google for “remove wpml media duplicates” 😉 So many users are running into this issue.

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    Don’t think they were using WPML, I think they’re just a bit not-to-smart about it and uploading the same image like 5 times, once for every post they upload. Forgetting it’s already in there.

    I get that the plugin could delete the trash, after deleting the plugin. Not my favorite either (in this case, usually I’m a big fan of deleting every bit of code from a plugin that’s removed).
    But that did not happen here, so that’s why I was confused. There was a plugin on the website the whole time. Either the free or the pro version.

    Most of the times both were present on the site, and I think something must have gone wrong there. With an old trashcan still on the site, and the pop-up that mentions both plugins are activated I maybe did make a mistake somewhere.

    I’ll rename the old trashcan and make a new one for now. Back-ups are a bit tricky as I’m constantly rebuilding things in the website and adding media items for other pages. By the time I notice a problem I’m already 10 back-ups in the future. Back-ups are great when nothing else changes, and this is not one of those occasions.

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