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    I am using the EU data centers with Zoho it’s the same but the tld is .eu instead of .com this plugin is hardcoded for .com only.

    The option should be made to choose which Zoho API Server to use either the US Datacenters available at .com, the European Servers available at .eu or the Indian Servers available at .in

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  • Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    Hello @entrepreneuraj we handle EU, Australia and Indian data centers automatically.

    When connecting, we detect the server your zoho account belongs to and make the connection to the country API server. It should just work.

    No need to select server location.

    Let me know if it doesn’t.

    Hi Collins,

    When authenticating it sends me to the US data center which Zoho then redirects me to the EU data center.

    All I got back was error code 1007 which a bit of googling came across a Zoho support thread that mentioned checking which servers it was connecting to.

    I’ve looked in your code in plugin editor and had to change the API URLs that are hard coded in ../authlify/zoho.php to the .EU servers.

    That fixed it for me I can’t see anywhere in the code where it autodetects the data center.

    Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    Can you send me the file of your changes?

    Are you using Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaigns?

    Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    @entrepreneuraj could you please send me an email via support at mailoptin dot io so we can ensure all kinks are ironed out.

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