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  • I use WP-dtree from several years, but after the update to WP4.7 it stopped to work.
    I see an empty tree now.

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  • Same here… is there any way we can “help” persuade you to pick this up? I’d flattr like crazy since your plugin is really the only one who does (did) what I needed!

    I updated WP several times from 4.0 to 4.7.3 and WP-dtree worked and works now fine.

    Hi cronwerk,

    That’s interesting… For me it has stopped working since 4.7 and I never got it to work again. I’ve tried deleting the entire plugin (Including all the files) and redownloading, but to no avail.

    It’s really a shame… there’s really nothing that comes even close to what this plugin offers.

    It’s strange. Maybe your other plugins incompatible with WP-dTree? Or something with your menus that attached to it? Or something else.
    I created about 30 sites (while experimenting) during last year with WP-dTree installed and updated WP cores. And on all sites WP-dTree works fine without any problems.
    I use WP-dTree Menu and WP-dTree Archives.

    The funny thing is, that the tree shows up just fine when previewed during customization… but when you save and go back, it’s not there…

    EDIT: I may have found the problem.

    I deactivated Autoptimize, and the tree has returned! If anyone would like to see if this can be reproduced (the conflict between the two plugins, I mean), please report back here!


    These plugins for code optimizing often spoil it.

    I am glad that your fix it and my favorite plugin WP-dTree is clean. 🙂


    When someone uses some Javascript optimizer, tree menu doesn’t work since 4.7 wordpress version.
    Tree menu runs well on Autoptimize plugin, when the option “Optimize Javascript” is disable.

    hi guys;
    have a look at your browser console for JS errors and based on that try to add some (probably wp-dTree’s) JS files to Autoptimize JS optimization exclusion list. the troubleshooting tips in AO’s FAQ might help here.

    frank (ao dev)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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