• Tried migrating my existing TEC Pro site to version 6 after it had been out for a few weeks, and it broke my dev site so badly I had to just delete it and start over.

    Now, MONTHS later, I check in to see what the status is, and I see that as of a week and a half ago in the WP support forum, it’s still having incompatibilities with PHP 8. AYKM??? PHP 7 has been out of support for over four months now. No, I won’t be rolling back my server for this one sad plugin, even if I were allowed to do it. Also, I 100% can NOT afford to risk moving this group to a less-than-trustworthy platform. Not gonna happen on my watch.

    I used to have a second TEC site that was integrated with a Gravity Forms application; the update broke it, and my support ticket was ignored for three months. I had tracked the problem down to one simple question, and yet. I moved those guys to a calendaring tool in the Gravity ecosystem. (Their tech support was STELLAR.) By the time TEC got back to me, we were long gone.

    Current TEC Pro subscription runs out in August. I figure I have until then to find a time when I can migrate the first group to a more stable tool.

    I feel kind of bad for the TEC folks; they clearly got themselves in over their head. Sad end for a long-successful plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Andras Guseo


    Hello @vickifarmer

    I’m sorry to hear about your less-than-stellar experience with our plugin. I’m not sure what could have happened there; our plugins do support and work well with PHP 8.0. If any issues and incompatibilities are reported we do our best to get them fixed as soon as possible.

    I remember your support ticket; it fell through the cracks during the hustle after releasing version 6. That’s on us, I’m really sorry about that.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review here. I hope you have a better experience in the future, and that until August we can prove to you that our plugins and support are better than you have experienced.


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