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  • I use the plugin Disable Emails:

    to stop sending emails while I set up a user. After the user is all set up, I send the emails by resending.

    However, when WP SES is active, the Disable Emails plugin gives this error notice:

    Emails are not disabled! Something else has already declared wp_mail(), so Disable Emails cannot stop emails being sent!

    This is the way it works, according to its page:

    The plugin replaces the standard WordPress wp_mail() function with a function that sends no emails. Nada. Zip. Silence.

    Behind the scenes, it creates a private copy of PHPMailer and allows the system to interact with it, but silently suppresses the functions that send emails. The standard WordPress filter and action hooks are supported, so plugins that register hooks for those will still function as normal. It just doesn’t actually send any emails.

    My question: is there a way I can use your plugin and the Disable Emails plugin together?

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