• Hi, we have a few sites with WPJM plugin working well and we have 1 site with WJPM and your Regions for WP Job Manager plugin. We activated php 8 in all of them and they work well, but the one that has your plugin, doesn´t load jobs listings, just shows an empty response. Could you please help?

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    Hey there,

    Hope you’re doing well and thanks for reaching out.

    With respect to your query here, could you please let us know where you are encountering this error? You can do so by getting in touch with us here.

    Hope this helps. If I can be of any further help, please let me know!

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi @brayanastoundify, as I wrote 2 months ago awaiting for your support answer, we are facing problems with PHP 8 version with your plugin and we have read your plugin updates and the last update that talks about PHP compatibility version is:

    1.17.7: OCT 27, 2020

    • Fix: Minify JS file.
    • New: Regions settings implementation for resumes.
    • Update: Compatibility check with latest WordPress v5.5.1.
    • Update: Compatibility check with Latest WP Job Manager v1.34.3.
    • Update: Compatibility check with the latest PHP v7.4.10.

    So, our question would be, when is this going to be compatible with PHP 8?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Support brayanastoundify


    Hi there,

    I have just tested the regions plugin alongside the PHP 8.0 and WP Job Manager v1.39.0 but did not encounter any issues. This have been tested using the Listify theme as well.

    May I ask which issues you face upon testing this plugin with PHP 8.0. It would be best if you also opened a support ticket using the link we shared above and do include your WordPress admin credentials when creating the ticket. That way we will be able to troubleshoot the issue from our end.

    Looking forward to helping you.


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    Hi @brayanastoundify, thanks a lot for answering during this holidays and sorry for this a bit late response, but we where trying to find why this didn´t work for us and we found the problem and could resolve it. Now the plugin is working perfect and efficiently with PHP 8.0.

    Thanks once more for your time and we wish you the best christmass time and a very happy new year!

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