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Not compatible with new Pro Themes?

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    There isn’t a Pro version of Genesis. For specific theme issues

    – for customized themes http://www.studiopress.com/forums/
    – for “original theme” support – contact your theme support

    Sorry I meant Pro version of the Genesis theme I’m using. I installed the new version of the Going Green theme and the color codes in the Simple Social Media widget stopped working. Thanks for letting me know it should not be an issue with the widget.



    I have not tested the plugin with Going Green yet but it works in the new minimum-pro theme which is also HTML5 and responsive. The demo for going green has simple-social-icons working so there must be something else at work here. Since Ron wrote it, perhaps he can help you with a url to look at.



    On further investigation… mine work but the controls don’t. For example, following the Studio Press demo of the minimum pro theme, I set background color (#333333) and hover color (#0ebfe9) but that had no impact. Even after clearing my cache.

    And Ron… for give me for attributing the plugin to you. I see from the plugin directory that Nathan Rice created the plugin. I was misled by WordPress interface in this post that says you are “A” plugin Author not necessarily THE plugin author.

    Also – sorry Nathan Rice



    I GOT IT! Nick at Studio Press pointed out that I didn’t have the exact same settings on all my icons. Once I did that, they appeared exactly as the demo for the minimum-pro theme. Perhaps that’s your issue Pamela.

    Thanks, John. I’m not sure what you mean about “same settings on all” your icons. I’m using the background and hover color settings inside the widget which had been working fine before I upgraded to the new version of the theme.



    Well, in mine I have four icons. Each one is in a different widget because of the layout on the home page – they all lay horizontal across the screen (see demo site for minimum-pro ). Because of this layout I had 4 settings to configure. In the demo each icon is 100px the border radius is 100px (I assume that’s what makes them round???) Then there are the colors for background and hover.

    So in summary – four configurations. I didn’t have the same settings for all four.

    If you are only using one widget with one set of settings this revelation of mine doesn’t apply.

    What is your website? Not sure I can shed any light on it but I can try. If you are using a Genesis theme this should just work out of the box. I’d take fire bug and compare the css of your site to that of the demo site for your theme and see if anything jumps out.

    Hope that helps.

    I have the same problem as John. I have 4 widgets with different configuration on each widget. The last social icons settings apply to all widgets.



    I can’t speak to the design but once I made all the settings the same for each icon (in terms of size etc.) they all corrected and looked like the demo. Check the four carefully to see if that is the case in your setup.

    If my guess is right and they all need to use the same configuration, you can always change the images themselves and upload the new versions via FTP to your site, replacing the old images. (Keep a backup). Perhaps Ron can weigh in on the design. Do you have a url for your site?

    I understand, but I need different icon designs for different widgets!

    It sounds like we may be discussing two different products. I don’t have the Minimum Pro theme. It sounds like it has a different social icon function than the Simple Social Icons plugin I’m using.



    Well, that can happen. For verification… I’m using Simple Social Icons. I indeed was referring my experience similar to yours based on my installation in the Minimum-pro theme. I’ve also used it on the new Going Green Pro theme.

    As to unigunde’s comment. There is a question about the configuration’s of the plugin and the actual images rendered. If you make all the configuration settings the same (excluding the social link data which will differ between sites – e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.) and it works then you know its not the plugin. If you want to modify the icons for each social link, that’s a different matter and not a plugin error. Can you clarify what you are experiencing and what you want to accomplish?

    Pamela. What is your site url?

    Pamela, it should work the same on all the themes.

    The reason I wondered if we were discussing two different products is that the widget I’m using only has one setting which applies to all the icons. I got the impression the widget being discussed had different settings for each icon. Perhaps it is different instances of the same widget.

    Here are examples of my sites where the plugin is working fine:

    This is the one where changes to the settings do not get applied since I installed the new HTML5 version of the Going Green theme:

    I haven’t had time to troubleshoot where the conflict may be coming from. I posted here in case it was a known bug.



    I don’t think there is a bug. Clearly the core functionality is working but evidently the changes you are wanting are not applying.

    In Minimum-Pro, the featured section has 4 social icons but EACH is in a different widget, thus the need for 4 configurations, all the same.

    To test, I installed Going Green Pro on my new site (under construction) and tested the plugin in one widget. It worked. I made some configuration changes and those carried over to the site so I can vouch that the plugin works in Going Green Pro.

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