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  • Although this plugin works great with jQuery 1.12.4 when jQuery is not deferred, I want a fully optimised website, and by deferring jQuery this plugin breaks and throws up several jQuery related console errors.

    I also tried using the latest version of jQuery to fix potential vulnerabilities, and it breaks using the latest and throws up console errors too.

    Doesn’t seem as though anyone has been supporting this plugin for a few months now either. Shame as it’s a great plugin that adds missing accessibility to the Divi theme and works perfect on an older version of jQuery, but I really need it to be compatible when jQuery is deffered and also with the latest and future releases of jQuery.

    If the developer does respond to this issue, then I’ll happily edit and re-submit my review.

    If not, then looks like I need to start developing my own version.

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  • If you develop your own or hear from the developer, please post an update!

    Thread Starter sharpenedpixels


    @jillynd will do.

    I’m not very hopeful though, as they have not been responding for quite a while. Real shame.

    Looking more likely I’ll need to implement something myself. I’ll just need to find out exactly what accessible features are missing from the basic Divi theme functionality.

    Plugin Author alexstine


    Hello @sharpenedpixels,

    I am still developing the plugin but fell under a very heavy workload. I will be pushing a version real soon that fixes a couple Aria things and adds a couple features. Just some general structure and cleanup stuff. I am hoping to bring someone else in to help me with the jQuery upgrade and ensuring it keeps the plugin compatible in all environments.

    I will try to have jQuery upgraded and tested ready for release closer to the end of this month.

    Updates coming soon.

    Thanks, Alex

    Thread Starter sharpenedpixels


    Hi @alexstine,

    That’s fab. Could you keep us posted on this thread as to when this has been released. As soon as this update is released, I will update my review.

    Many thanks,

    Sharpened Pixels

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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