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    Hey guys,

    i am testing manageWP for a customer with a issue related to the plugin sync section of manageWP when the EDD Software Licensing Plugin is used.

    EDD Software Licensing is used for automatic updates and update notifications for third party plugins which are not hosted on

    The problem is that manageWP is removing the third party plugins from the wp_options ‘active_plugins’ when it is using the synchronizing function for plugins. As a result these plugin updates are not shown in the manageWP plugin dashboard.

    Reproduce it:

    1. Use the manageWP plugin sync function : not working
    2. Force plugin updates on the websites which checks all plugins for updates
    3. Use the manageWP plugin sync function : working
    4. Wait a few (~5) minutes (maybe transient expiration time?)
    5. Use the manageWP plugin sync function again : not working
    6. Update is also not shown on the website’s plugin update site and third party plugins are removed from wp_options ‘active_plugins’

    I did not investigate time to find out how the worker plugin is checking the plugins for updates but i think its something missing here:

    If i run a manual plugin check with set_site_transient( 'update_plugins', null ); and reload the website the edd licensing api is fired and the ‘active_plugins’ option table is filled with correct data.

    The manageWP plugin sync is than working one time, but after syncing the first time and waiting a few minutes the third party plugin is removed again from the ‘active_plugins’ and as a result not shown in the managewp plugin dashboard.

    Can you imagine whats happening here wrong?

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  • Hello Rene,

    This is a really odd issue, and it would be awesome if you could send us an email at with this plugin attached, so I can get our developers to take a look at it.

    I personally respect and use a couple of Pippin’s plugins and we definitely need to figure out what seems to be the issue here.

    Please, send us the email, and we will wrap this one in no time.

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

    Hi Milan,

    thanks for the quick reply.
    Email has been sent

    This is marked as resolved, are you able to shed the light on what the issue was/is?

    I have clients using ManageWP and my plugin is not showing up in any of their updates?

    Plugin Support Kouteki


    Nemanja from ManageWP here,

    We solved it on our end by improving the code that handled the updates.
    I’m not seeing plugins linked to your account. Could you email us more info at so we could investigate and help?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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