• I downloaded this plugin to try to send published posts from my website to my discord server. Neither Post Created nor the Post Updated triggers worked. The demo never arrived and I set the triggers to only fire once so I don’t believe it’s Discord blocking it because of too many requests. I don’t have a lot of php or JS coding knowledge so I really don’t have time to look into this. Going to try the free version of IFTTT instead.

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  • Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @themet4lgod – we certainly are compatible with Discord.
    If not even the demo arrives, it’s most likely your servers fault (or a firewall/security plugin).
    You can test the functionality as well using online tools such as https://webhook.site

    If the request doesn’t even arrive there, you still have the possibility of reaching out to us as that’s what our support is for.

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    @themet4lgod Since you still did not share any additional information, I assume you don’t care about making it work. We are compatible with Discord since the beginning (In fact we have an integration).

    A little suggestion: Next time just text us instead of leaving a terrible review for no reason. 😉

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