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    In Poland we use a premium plugin Active Payments Woocommerce:

    It allows us to turn off/on payment methods per shipment method. Till 5.0.3-beta version Weight Based Shipping was working fine with it. Later versions are clumped together in Active Payments table as just one shipment instead predefined in WBS settings. If I turn on WBS shipment, particular methods are not registered and I see “no specified payment method” info in the checkout page.

    Because of that I’m sitting and sitting on 5.0.3-beta and hoping things improve but my last check was unsuccessful.

    I’m aware that there supporting other plugins cannot be required but I still want to ask if there is something to do in that matter?

    As far I remember, the breakage happens when the plugin was adjusted to the woocommerce shipment regions and it no longer started to show individual settings. From what I see, instead of having all the shipment methods as separate, they are put together under Weight Based Shipping. Isn’t there a scenario where there would be beneficial to expose each shipment method singularly?

    Ironically, new Weight Based Shipping introduced option for shipment classes I wanted so badly for so long and I would be willing to pay for premium version but at the same time, new version became completely useless to me because of that lack support for Active Payments.

    I’m aware that what I’m asking is much, so I expect the answer to be negative, still, I just want to see if I can hope on something or just try looking for alternatives? I can’t sit on old plugin version forever. At some point, it may break.

    P.S. I may also ask Active Payment developers if they could add the ability to read the sub-methods that are put in shipment methods in shipping zones. If not from the one side, maybe it’s more possible from another one?

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  • Plugin Author Dan


    Hello Michal,

    I believe you can split your WBS shipping rules into multiple WBS shipping methods under one or more shipping zones. That should make other plugins supporting multi-instance shipping methods to see it. Did you try that?

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