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  • I’m finding the same problems… plain doesn’t work.

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    Never support an author who doesn’t support his/her own plugin. It doesn’t matter if it is free. Why throw something out there for free and not support it. And please don’t use “well it free” [redacted] excuse. You’re wasting our time with something that doesn’t work. No one asked you to and you’re not doing anyone any favors.


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    One more try to put my last answer here as it a little more formated:

    You are not my customer, in any case, you just can’t be. Customers pay for services/products, you only can be a “user”. My plugin will never be paid and it’s not my attention to make people pay for it. If you were/will be asked money for using my pluigin you were/will be probably a victim of a fraud. This is the principle of the Open Source code, it is free of charge, you can use it, you can edit/copy/modify it, you can do anything you want with it.

    This orange note is displayed over the support form:

    When posting a new topic, follow these steps:
    Read the Forum Welcome to find out how to maximize your odds of getting help!
    Search the forums to see if your topic has been resolved already.
    Update to the latest versions of your plugins, themes, and WordPress.
    Note the exact steps needed to reproduce your issue.
    Provide any information you might think is useful. If your issue is visual, note your browser and operating system. If your issue is technical, note your server environment.

    I’m not at your service and support messages like “it does not work” are just “junk”. I don’t even want spend my time answering it. You use a free software, there are simple rules explained above the support form and you dont even take time to read it, why would I spend my time asking you “Hey dude, what’s wrong? How can I help you?” I’m not a hotline service and you don’t pay me to help you “as soon as you want” (and I wont ask you to pay! Never!).

    I dont gain money with it, basically I did it for me about 4 years ago, since I’ve published it the has evolved pretty much thanks to (good and usefull) feedback of users.

    I saw you other comments for other plugins and you act like you’re the “autors'” client, if you dont get your support in a minute you write a “rage” note.

    Well, you’re using a free Community based software, and sometimes people just leave thing here, someone takes it and makes it better (or not)…
    Maybe you should go for another (paid) product to have your “right” for fast and quality support.

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