• 1. It is not really compatible with font-awesome official plugin. I have this shortcode [icon name="fort-awesome" prefix="fab"] but not rendered correctly in this plugin.

    2. There is only one version available while the screenshot showing version select box which make me understand that there are multiple versions to use. It is okay to use latest but just update screenshot please.

    3. FAQ said there is checkbox Remove existing Font Awesome styles but there is not. The only remove I see is Attempt to remove Font Awesome CSS and shortcodes added by other plugins and themes which is very unclear that it will be mess up my post data or not.

    4. They use only CDN, no local file option available. If I have to install a site in local network without internet access then this will be dead end. To be fair, this choice is not negative or positive but just my comment.

    5. This plugin leave junk in my DB. The option name better-font-awesome_options still exists after uninstalled. The WordPress document is recommended to clean up the data on uninstall. Read more at Plugin Handbook / Plugin Basics / Uninstall Methods

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by vee.
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