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  • Hi,
    I am in the process of setting up this plugin. I have created email templates and set it to track both members and guests, then send emails to any that abandon their cart. Whether I am logged in, as a member, or logged out and enter delivery details at checkout as a guest, the abandoned table does not pick up the email address and therefore no emails are being sent.
    Any suggestions?

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  • Hi @mrretail

    Please send us some screenshot of the plugin settings.

    Hi @julianvu
    There is no way of attaching anything on this forum, so please go to
    to see the screenshot.
    Thank you.

    It looks right. We will check with your site. But it may take time.

    I’m thinking it is a plugin conflict. Have disabled all other plugins and now it appears to have captured my email. Hasn’t sent me the email template though and it has been over an hour. Mind you, I did the cron settings it showed at the bottom of the screenshot, so maybe I shouldn’t have done that?


    If it is about plugins conflict. We are not able to check and help you.
    The plugin captured your email so it should send emails then. Please check with a private windows with a different email address. The schedule time will start when you have “the last action” on the site. Not from when you fill in the email address.

    It was conflicting with “Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce”. Have turned that off and your plugin seems to be working now. Over 100,000 people use that plugin though, so you may wish to see if you can make yours work with it.

    Anyway, thanks for your help, I will mark as resolved.

    I have receive the recovery cart email
    So about the conflict, when the plugin “Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce” is enabled, the abandoned plugin will not send emails?

    It is sending emails now too, now that I have disabled “Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce”, so all good. 🙂

    It has stopped working again, even with all plugins deactivated, apart from WooCommerce and JetPack. 🙁

    Remember to check in private browser, after add product to cart and fill in email. You need to close the windows.

    Will do as you say and get back to you.

    I see where I am getting confused. The abandoned table does not display the most recent one at the top. I just abandoned a cart in private browser mode and the table shows it near the bottom of the page, in amongst visitor abandonments from last month. If I click the “Abandoned Date” tab, it does place them in order, but only with the most recent at the bottom, and if I click it again, it then groups all June results on top of July. No amount of clicking shows it from today backwards, in order.

    @mrretail the time, the plugin does not count time from when customers hit to cart button. But from when they have “the last” action on your site. Maybe after add to cart, they go to other and see some other products. Then the plugin will start to count from that time.

    I understand that, but when testing I did not go anywhere after getting as far as the cart, I simply closed the browser.

    I don’t think you quite understand what I just said. Once the “last action” triggers a result in the abandoned cart table it should show at the top of the list, not amongst last month results.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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