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    I’ve got an interesting problem at

    I’ve done the usual SSL checks, Memory limit etc…and still have the spinning dots on checkout…but only for everyone but me.

    When I am logged in, the system calculates the tax just fine (Just setup for Canada tax), and gets over the ajax block just fine. When I register as a new user, even using the same info as I have in my account, the dots do the spin, and no tax line is added….nor is it calculated.

    I’ve got to the point where I’ve disalbled jquery.blockUI.min.js, and it skips the whole block out, and a user can proceed and buy.

    I’ve checked that the same java scripts are loaded, and the database entries appear to be the same for both users, with respect to billing address.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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  • As a follow up, because I realized this while typing the above. It seems to be a permission issue…I think.

    I’m assuming the blockUI just ins’t allowing me to continue, but the error is actually a tax calculation error. The tax isn’t calculating on non-admins, and therefore not lifting the block.

    I set a normal account to admin, and it calculates the tax, and pops off the block.

    So, what is preventing “subscriber” level members from having the tax calculate properly?….I think that is the real question here.

    I hate when people find their solution, and never report back. So, here is mine.

    Whether it was my fault (probably was) or not, it appears that I had the subscriber role option “edit_published_posts” disabled. This needs to be enabled, for the system to update that page via the ajax calls.

    So, if you’re having the same issues, try that one…


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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