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  • Hi,

    First, sorry for my english.

    I have some problem. I just install this plugin, fresh install, default settings, only “page cache” enabled.

    I have 2 browsers, for e.g. B1 and B2 – both with no cookies.

    I enter to my site with B1, everyhing is ok, page was cached. Now, i get to site with B2, still ok. So, i post comment in B2, then they stop caching (cookie is rejected), i know, it’s ok 🙂 The problem is in B1 after i post commnet in B2. In B1 i get “not cached” on any page on my blog, why? When i clear cookies in B1 than cache get back to work, but why this happend? why when other user post a comment, in everyelse users w3c cache stop working?

    I can’t understand a rules when w3c serve not cached page – except obvious examples like a post comment in current user.

    Edit: I investigate this problem deeper and i see some weird, it’s only happend when the B1 is a Google Chrome and cache is rebuilded when we refresh page in that browser. When we refresh page after someone else post comment in other browser, and then in Chrome, then everything is ok. I think this problem is releated to Google Chrome only.

    TL;DR version ;): if we refresh page in Chrome just after someone else post a comment, Chrome always get not cached version unit we clear a cookies.

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