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  • Hi!
    Thanks for the great plugin!

    I have an issue with blocking the scripts (and cookies) of Drip has it’s own WP plugin ( ) to include it’s scripts in the WP sites. Drip uses a bunch of different scripts from different domains, like:*; //*.
    I’ve added entries in the Custom JS configuration of the Ginger plugin, like:

    Tried both with Asynchronous mode checked and unchecked, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    I can see some of the drip scripts enclosed in a <script type=”text/plain” class=”ginger-script”>… tag, but some of them are not captured. Even for one of the scripts that is included twice in exactly the same way (src from //<mydripID>.js) one of them are enclosed but the other one is still active.

    Can you please advise or investigate?

    Also few questions:
    – If the same script is included more than once will Ginger plugin block all matching instances or only the first one?
    – Is there a need/way to use a wildcard character or RegEx syntax in the custom JS configuration?

    Thank you!

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    Okay, I’ve found the reason and it would be useful to address somehow in the future versions of this plugin:

    Apparently Ginger – EU Cookie Law cannot block any JavaScript that is added to the site using the wp_register_script and wp_enqueue_script methods. (See documentation here.). It works fine with the scripts that are included using a more common method, for example the: add_action( 'wp_footer', 'your_function' ); way.

    The culprit was that WooCommerce Drip plugin uses the wp_enqueue_script way. After modifying that Ginger – EU Cookie Law is now able to control the related JavaScript.

    I’d recomend looking into a way to automatically handle scripts that are added using the wp_enqueue_script method.

    For anyone interested in the solution for this particular example, get in touch and I can let you know the modifications to make to WooCommerce Drip plugin! I haven’t however looked into a way to fix Ginger – EU Cookie Law in general, so anyone else facing similar issue with other plugins will need to either wait for a fix of Ginger – EU Cookie Law, figure out a fix themselves or modify the conflicting plugin to use a different method to include the scripts.

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    I got the same problem with the plugin Jetpack.
    I Think it is caused by the same problem. So if you have the solution, it would be nice if you want to share it.

    let me know it!


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    Well, it’s not a simple one. You need to change the implementation of your conflicting plugin to use for example add_action( 'wp_footer', 'your_function' ); method instead of wp_register_script and wp_enqueue_script. The exact way to do that depends on your plugin. I only have the solution baked for the WooCommerce Drip wp plugin.

    You need to have the understanding of PHP and WP to fix it up for other plugins. I can see if I can help if you want. Give me an email address or so if you want to get in touch!

    Well, i got understanding of PHP that is one thing, but WP not my best…

    So it would be nice if you send me the right way.

    You can send me a mail to

    I am already glad that you are willing to help.

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