• This plugin works pretty good for me. But when I migrate the server OR manually remove image from AWS S3, the image will forever gone from AWS S3 although the image still existing in my wordpress, I click on the import and it won’t upload the image file that previously imported. The image will never import again.

    What to improve? (Tips to the plugin developer)
    If I remove all image manually on AWS S3, the image will never appear again. Eventhought you click on the import button again. It will never import again. Just keep receiving error message for missing image from my AWS S3 storage

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    There are some bugs exist in this plugin.
    1. The image displayed “image non existed icon” when importing the image.
    2. The image displayed “image non existed icon” on my website.
    3. Not all image served and and imported seamlessly as mentioned above.
    4. If I remove the image from AWS S3 storage (not from WP), the plugin won’t not detect it and reupload again. It will display as “image non existed icon” again.

    This plugin is really helpful, but too many bugs there. Will consider install again after new updates.

    (Additional feedback)

    Plugin Author interfacelab


    I think there must be some confusion.

    The plugin can’t import media from S3, it can only import media to S3 – meaning it can only copy files from your local WordPress server to S3 (or Google Cloud Storage/DigitalOcean/Wasabi/etc), or copy new uploads to WordPress to S3.

    You shouldn’t be deleting images from S3 without deleting from WordPress too, so of course the plugin wouldn’t detect that because that’s not what it does and that’s not how it should be used. It’s not a sync tool.

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