• For what it does it’s not bad of a plugin. For my unique scenario this didn’t meet my needs. I know I have such a strange eCommerce place where creating a page per product is not something I can do. The products can range up to 100k with unique items. So using a PayPal was an option that seems to help my customers pay for their items. However, after much trial and error with using this plugin I couldn’t achieve the results of what I wanted. This plugin looks it would be great if you sold a few items.

    The reason for the 3* is due to the following…
    -1* did not like security because it just seems that this doesn’t seem like a very great way to keep people away from tampering with the price. I didn’t have enough time to look very closely at the code. Was focusing on getting PayPal to work with my site.
    -1* for usefulness. In order for me to get this to “work” in my situation I had to recreate what the author did.

    I understand this a very simple tool. Again, if you have a very simple eCommerce site this is probably for you.

    If you need something a bit more flexible I would suggest using PayPal Developer API.

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  • Plugin Contributor mbrsolution


    Thank you for your extensive reply and suggestions. Thank you also for your 3 star rating.

    The plugin developers will investigate further your suggestions.

    Kind regards

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