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  • Harry2o



    I just noticed that my backup archives are HUGE. Checked the database, nothing there (very tiny).
    It seems that with the latest version (2.1.3) they/you changed the backups folder (honestly, I cannot remember, whether I defined the old one myself or whether it was done by the plugin) and the old backups folder was not added to the exclude rules. This happened on Nov 22nd (probably when I last updated the plugin).

    So yeah, everything is ok – but I suggest if you (automatically) change the output folder of the backup files, you should either move the existing backups there too (which is better), or add that directory to exclusion rules.

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  • Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Hey Harry2o

    Your backups should have been moved, did you have a custom backups directory previously (using HMBKP_PATH)?

    We’re your backups copied over to the new directory instead of being moved (so they ended up duplicated)?


    Honestly since this happened over a month ago, I cannot really remember what happened (then or before).

    I can tell you these facts:

    – I think when I installed the Plugin (cannot remember when, but it was a while ago) I set the schedule to “once a week”
    – I have a manual complete (offline) FTP backup from May 12, 2012 stored on my computer. This folder backup contains four WP-Backup ZIP-files in the subfolder wp-content/backups (2011-12-14, 2011-12-21, 2011-12-26, 2012-05-11)

    – atm the plugin is set to store “once daily” and keep 10 backups
    – online on my server, wp-content/backups contains 12 backup ZIP-files (2012-11-13 through 2012-11-22)
    – the plugin admin page (Tools, Backups) shows a list of 10 backups (2013-01-12 through 2013-01-21); I cannot find those files on the server (obviously they are not in wp-content/backups, see previous bullet point)

    Before I change/delete anything, would you like me to check out anything else?

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