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  • I seldom complain but this one just peeves me. It claims to discover problems, then requires a “forced donation” to even begin. To me that screams scam. This is especially in poor taste when the issue is not even proven, and from other sources is not verified! To those looking, try Bullet Proof instead,(I’ve no relation to it) my opinion is this is junk…sorry but the greedy approach just does not fly with me; developer-start with proving to be of some real service…

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  • Plugin Author Eli


    Wow! I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way about my plugin but I’m going to have to adamantly disagree with all of you points and I would like you to give it another try and see if you still feel the same way after what I have to say.

    First of all, I created this plugin to help people and not to make money. I require that users register the plugin in order to download the definition updates but I do not require a donation.

    As many users of my plugin will tell you, it will find and remove many threat for you that other plugins fail to find. A lot of my users will donate voluntarily (after it fixed their problem) because they so happy with how effective my plugin is. Yet there are still many more who use my plugin successfully on many sites and never donate (either because they cannot afford to or because they doen’t see why they should pay for something that I am giving away for free).

    Because of your harsh words and extremely negative judgment of me and my plugin I have to ask you to explain why you thought that donations were required. I have had one other person in the past that assumed they had to donate because they misunderstood the wording in one of my message to mean that it would only fix the problem if they donated. I had to explain that this was not the case, and once I understood how they were interpreting that message I changed the wording so that it would be more clear to everyone. So, what was it exactly that made you feel that you had to donate to even begin?

    for what it’s worth, I understood perfectly, but made a donation anyway šŸ™‚
    So five stars wel deserved.

    This plugin does deserve 6 stars. Donations are required only to check the WP core integrity and to prevent XMLRPC Access or Bruteforce protection. That’s it.

    These are not even the main functionalities the plugin has to offer. If you want to scan your server for viruses or backdoors, then this is your go-to plugin.

    This guy is doing a great job.

    FYI BulletProof Security is not even a malware scanner.



    jackstoriesorg – wow that’s pretty harsh. I’ve been using GOTMLS to all my sites, only the free version. But it still helped me thousand times in cleaning my sites.

    My experience is exactly the opposite of yours Jack. I had Bullet Proof installed on a number of sites, but the way it handles and places .htaccess files everywhere, I found myself locked out of my sites on a very regular basis. That was a paid version, not a free version.

    I discovered GotMLS after looking for something better. It’s now installed on every one of my sites and so far, I haven’t suffered the consequences of further malware attacks.

    Prior to installing, I was using Wordfence (and still do), but it’s not great with malware. I still got hacked via malicious code.

    The free version fixed my first site and I was extremely relieved and grateful, so I donated a couple of times.

    I don’t understand why anybody would only rely on free plugins to secure their site. To be perfectly frank, it was a poorly maintained plugin that caused my security breach in the first place.

    After just using this plugin and being astounded at how effective it was — and how helpful the developer’s website information and forum are — I was taken aback to discover that someone had given this plugin a “one star” rating.

    Then, reading the “reasons” given by jackstoriesorg for this low score — with every one of his points, not just wrong but as wrong as wrong can be — felt like visiting the twilight zone.

    This is a superb plugin which can be used for free for as long as jackstoriesorg — or any of us — want.

    I tried it for free on several of my websites and then HAD to donate because I felt so grateful that it not only delivered on its promise, but surpassed my expectations.

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