• The colour picker does not support the colour palettes of the theme.json. Furthermore, the plugin unfortunately does not keep its core promises. According to the description, the plugin does not use any frameworks and pure vanilla Javascript. However, dashicons are loaded in the frontend for the icons – from a PageSpeed perspective, individual SVGs would be a much better choice here. Furthermore, the Javascript was written with jQuery dependency, so jQuery is mandatory and loaded in the frontend. So there is no question of Pure Vanilla Javascript here.

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  • Plugin Contributor Binsaifullah


    Hi @matthiasbathke,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Initially, we removed the jquery dependency, but users were asking for smooth animation, so we added jquery. If you check out our previous version, you will see only vanilla js.

    We have used our custom color picker, users have mentioned about the support for the default color picker, we are working on it and hope it will be supported in the next major updates. and we never said that the default color picker is supported.

    for Icons:- we have used dash icons, we are working for custom SVGs, I hope these will be available later.

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    Thank you for the fast response, I’d recommend CSS transitions for smooth animations. I’d love to update my rating once the improvements are available in the current plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Binsaifullah


    We used CSS transition but due to some other issues, we have removed that and moved to jquery for now based on our users’ feedback. we will keep your request in our head, but most important thing is that we never build our open-source projects just for rating or review.

    We don’t have any complaints about our rating. We respect your feedback and never push to change it. You just shared your feedback. That’s it.

    thanks again

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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