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    i really don’t get this. i’m moving from blogger so i dont know anything about mysql or ftp clients coz i never had the need. but i really want to move to wordpress so i’d really appreciate any help in setting this whole thing up.

    ok, so here’s what i’ve done. i’ve signed up and downloaded the wordpress “thing”. i know that i need some remote hosting and i also know that i wont be expecting much traffic or storage space so i signed up for a free account on awardspace. i know that i need an FTP client so im attempting to download filezilla by downloading every file on this page.

    now here’s what i dont know how to do: set it all up. i have logged into awardspace. i’ve made an account in my database manager, i’ve created a username and password for the FTP manager.

    it says on the wordpress site:

    2. Enter the ftp address for your website. Usually, if your website is, then the ftp address will be or

    is that my do i have to create a subdomain under awardspace? i dont understand that part.

    i think i’ll leave it at that for the meantime. once i’m able to set up the FTP thing then i’ll move on to uploading the whole wordpress thing and using it.

    if anyone uses awardspace, id be greatly appreciative of any help. i’d really like to get started with wordpress, i think its a great service, if i could just figure out how to use it….

    thank you so much!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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