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  • Not that hard to learn. Use firefox, right click on anything and ‘Inspect’. That pops open a window down at the bottom or on the right side that shows you all the css. Plenty of youtube vids will show you. Different themes may use different css classes and IDs. A class starts with a period, (.class) and an ID starts with a pound sign, (#ID). I remember that by thinking of ID number, the pound sign represents number as in employee ID #4759869

    All the standard items don’t need a period or pound sign. body, p, h1, h2 etc.
    This stuff is well worth the effort to learn. Spend a day or half a day and you’ll be able to tweak all kinds of things. Every element on the page really. Get a custom css plugin and you can add your custom css in there that will override the theme’s css.

    I had no problem customizing anything. Use firefox’s inspector and find the css class/id. Looking to change the header text aka title? Guess what, it’s called (#site-title) in most themes and it can be controlled separately from h1 that way. Add that to the Edit Font Controls page and it shows up in the customizer then, just like p, h1, h2 etc etc. I had to add ‘body’ for one theme to change the paragraph font.

    He made a video that shows how to use it.
    Here’s a css reference site/page

    Right on the plugin’s front page here it says,

    “Anyone with basic knowledge of CSS Selectors (in order to add custom font rules).”

    He’s got that disclaimer so I don’t think 1 star is in order.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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