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  • I was working on a long entry in the Dashboard Write area and I went to save it after adding an image. The entry seemed to disappear, and what came up was the “Write Post” tag with the following message:

    “You are not allowed to view other users’ private posts.”

    I have full administrator privileges.

    Is my entry gone? If not, how can I access the entry again.

    I would hate to have to start from the beginning.

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  • Okay, I figured it out. For others with this problem, here is what happened:

    Several writers have access to the blog I work in. In order to sign their entries, each writer has his own user name.

    I have a user identity as well that allows my entries to be slugged with my full name, instead of “Administrator.” I work in Dashboard, though, as the administrator, which gives me the ability to sign the article with any user’s name. I had already signed the entry I was working on with my own name.

    Somehow, instead of clicking on the “Save and keep editing” button, I clicked on the box, which indicated the piece was Private. (It’s right under “Draft”) Once that happened I could no longer see the piece authored by my user name, because I was in Dashboard as an administrator.

    I had to log out as Administrator, log in as my user name and then the Private Post under my name was available to me. I unchecked the Private box, and the piece was restored.

    It was a crazy half-hour. But it had a happy ending. Good luck to all who are in similar salvage situations.

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