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  • Hello,
    Great et incredible plugin to customize dashboard, use it since many years on WP.
    But when you activate it , you lose the FULL ADMIN right and if you want to install another plugin AFTER, you have a message : “Not Allowed to Access this Page”.
    I’m tried to find the issue myself without success.
    if you rester teh database recorded BEFORE the activation -> site web works with full rights.
    So, like my website was new , I reinstalled everything from scratch . Works perfectly withe the plugins than I want to install and activate CLIENT DASH after all.
    Lost my FULL RIGHT on the website once again.
    I can reproduce the same ossue on different websites (8). Always dame issue.
    Do you know a workaround to retreive FULL RIGHT access to the plugins ?
    Also the problem is an old problem (see in log of the forum)
    THank you in advance for your help
    Nadoo (WP 5.2 + WC 3.65 + No others plugins to test)

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    I am trying to understand what you’re describing here.

    Is your issue that you installed Client Dash, configured some Menu Customizations, then activated another plugin?

    If this other plugin is adding new Menu Items, these will not be automatically added to your Menu unless you explicitly add them in via Client Dash.

    To confirm, the only other plugin you’re running is WooCommerce v3.65?

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    Hello d4mation

    First of all , thank you for your support.
    To describe a bit more the issue, if you have a website perfectly running with ADMIN FULL RIGHTS without your CLIENT DASH plugin , you can use all plugins with ALL FULL RIGHTS (to set for E.G.) or simply …use them<br>
    When you install AND active your plugin, you can set the plugins already installed BUT if you install another plugin AFTER your plugin, you can’t set it…an CAN’T use it
    The message with blank page is “Not Allowed to Access this Page”. The plugin is fully unusable.
    the WORST: even if you desinstall Client Dash , you have lost FULL RIGHTS for ever.
    Only known workaround . Reload old database (before than your plugin was installed).
    I can reproduce this issue an all website, different themes , different plugins.
    Do you have a workaround to retrieve all FULL ADMIN RIGHTS?
    Thank you in advance

    Plugin Author d4mation



    This should not happen with our plugin. Client Dash does not restrict access to different areas of the site, but rather just customizes the menu. If you were to remove the Posts menu item, for example, but then manually navigate to that page in the Admin Dashboard you will still be able to get there.

    Does this plugin that you’re activating have some kind of “Welcome” screen that shows when activating it? I have seen some instances in the past where Client Dash has prevented the Welcome page from being created, so it wasn’t redirected to on install. This in turn prevented some “first install” commands to run which broke aspects of the other plugin.

    Could you try deactivating Client Dash, activating this other plugin, and then reactivating Client Dash? That may correct your issue. Even full Administrator accounts sometimes need to be granted access to things for them to work, so if this granting of access was prevented in some way it could explain your issue.

    This thread describes a similar problem for two different plugins:

    If you’re still having problems after following these steps, can you let me know which plugins specifically you’re having problems with alongside Client Dash?

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