• Need detailed examples of steps 3 & 4! Maybe a screen shot or two??

    1-In the Visual Editor click on the HTML Editor– Got it.

    2-Locate the end point of the jump in HTML view– Got it, I think- ‘End point’ meaning where I want the page to scroll to?

    3-Add an id attribute to your end point. – Umm what?????? I need details! Exact code character by character to be typed with [your anchor point inserted here]and such…. Yeah I’m a newbie and know no html.

    4-Using the built-in WordPress link dialog box, add your link in the usual way at the origin point– Again, yes I know how to make links using the box, but what exactly do I put in as the link. The above code character by character or just my anchor point word?

    5-You should be good to go – With more detailed help I sure hope so 🙂

    Also, about how to adjust the speed of the scrolling. In a comment below, something mentioned about a php file. Ugh.. what is that and how do I access it?

    I will change my rating if I can ever get this working 🙂


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