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  • After much futzing around and changing servers, I’ve finally gotten WP up and running and am excited. However, I’ve run into a snag.
    I’ve set up a bunch of categories for my blog (about 10 of them), but only the first 2 are appearing in the sidebar menu. When you create a new post, the categories appear correctly for you to select on the edit screen, but they simply will NOT appear on the main blog index page. I can’t see any setting that would be governing this, and even tried changing the CSS, thinking that might help — no dice.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction? To see the behavior, take a look —
    Many thanks!

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  • Only the categories that contain posts will show up on the sidebar list.

    If you are using wp_list_cats function to fetch your categories you can check the default settings at wp-includes>template-functions-category.php
    I am in WP1.2

    Actually, the categories that do contain posts are not all showing up on the sidebar list. That was one of the first things I checked.
    I will check those settings — thanks!

    My categories have crapped out too. They had been displaying previously, now only a small portion of them are. I have 24 categories (a lot are sub-categories) and only two of them are empty. Only 9 are being displayed.

    I think i’m seeing this same problem. A category is only displayed if there is a post in it – that’s normal, i think. But in 1.2-mingus a category is not shown unless the post assigned to it is also assigned to the parent category. I’m pretty sure i read about this somewhere else but can’t find the post. So in my case, i have “No categories” because my posts are all in sub categories.
    At first, i thought i had screwed up while editing index.php, but nothing would fix it, so i tried messing around with the categories, and it ended up being this sub cat problem.

    It has been a couple of days since I’ve seen any activity on this problem. Can anyone lend a hand in getting this fixed? It seems to be the last thing that is holding me back from calling my blog fully operational 😉 I am tempted to remove the category listing all together if it is only going to display a small portion of the existing (populated) categories. Something is not right about that?
    Is it as I saw mentioned in another post that categories can’t be used as containers? If so, how can the code be changed to get around this? I’m learning PHP as fast as I can, but I’m not there yet. :-/

    The addition of sub-categories seems to have upset the alphabetical ordering. Does anyone know how to get the categories to show in alphabetically order, including any child categories? Is this something that will be fixed in one of the nightly builds soon?
    Wordpress rocks :-).
    Thanks in advance.

    Another issue with the sub-categories:
    If the parent category is empty and the sub-categories contain posts then the parent class is not shown. I’d expect the parent category to show if one of the sub-categories contained one or more posts regardless of the number of posts it contains.

    OMG! Thank you Anonymous… whoever you are 😉
    What is the deal? Is this by design? It SEEMS that the behavior has changed. For example: Category Entertainment… subcategories.. games, movies, tv, etc. Category Entertainment has no posts directly assigned to it, so NONE of the subcategories are displayed. I assigned one movie post to movies and entertainment and poof… all subcategories showed up again.
    *I* don’t think I should have to explicitly say it is in entertainment. it is a subcategory… it should automatically be in the parent category. Is there a way to hack / fix this? I seem to recall that it worked that way before say… epsilon.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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