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  • Hi

    I have put on a new template on my site. It seemed to work fine on one computer – displaying the post aligned properly but when I went onto another computer (on a network – but different settings) the post did not align properly.

    Is this the same for people out there? I viewed the site in IE 6. is the main page, then is a sample page.


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  • Hi,

    Firefox 1.0.6 = Not aligned properly. Text touching lefthand column line. Also content moves to the left after the menu has finished.

    Internet Explorer 6 = Looks pretty good.

    Opera 8.0.1 = A mess! content horizontal lines go al the way across to the menu, text touch lefthand column and content moves left after menu.

    Sounds/looks like you CSS needs a bit of editing, I wish I could help but there are better people than me here to do that.

    BTW what theme is it?

    Good Luck



    It’s my own theme. Hm I wonder why Opera stuffs up. The CSS code is pretty good… Thank you very much for the help.

    Your theme is obviously designed using IE. That is your mistake. It seems to display right in IE because that is a broken browser with lots of CSS bugs. You should use Firefox as a standard browser when you design, then fix things in IE later. That will make your life lots easier.

    Firefox does exactly what your stylesheet says: float the sidebar to the left and wrap main around it. You may want to put a margin-left on main.

    I am aware of the faults of Internet Explorer but I disagree that I should use firefox for design. 90% of viewers are on IE. I know my site should work with all browsers, however I will endeavour to accomodate IE.

    As this site was just made and I am error checking I hardly call it my mistake.

    Thank you for the help.

    The point is, if you design using FF you will have a relatively valid layout and can then tweak to appear properly in IE. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the other way. It is much easier to blur an image in focus than it is to make a blurry image focused.

    I use the w3 validator most times – only I haven’t got to that part yet.

    I’m finding it quite hard to validate my code and fix these formatting errors for firefox/opera. Not sure what I’m doing wrong with the CSS.

    WordPress automatically inserts tags which the validator has an issue with. Any ideas please?

    Well you are using h3 for your postcontent – no can do. Use a div.

    Why can’t I have an h3 tag?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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