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  • Hi,
    I found that this theme isn’t google adsense friendly.

    As you know, google adsense only allow up to 3 ads per page per ads type.

    Most of the blogger will put 1-2 ads on content (upper left or right/ mid post/ bottom post) and 1 ads on sidebar on a single page. And index or archive page will be 1 ads on 1 content, and there are 3 content on it, so 3 ads there.

    Usually we will put another non adsense ads provider on index or archive page, so that we can maintain the single post adsense ads to max.

    But in this new twenty twelve theme, you combined single post, index and archive content into content.php, it drew a huge difficulty for me to adjust the ads.

    So, in my opinion, this theme isn’t adsense friendly.

    Can wordpress developer guide me how to fix it?

    Thank you.

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  • I made up something quickly for a friend a few days ago that might be useful to you.

    It’s just a basic Twenty Twelve child theme with adsense areas built in. Here’s a screenshot

    You basically paste your adsense code into 2 files, save them, and it’ll display ads as shown in the screenshot. There’s instructions in the zip.

    If you need ads in the sidebar, paste it into text widgets.

    It’s set to only show the content adsense on single.php, but that can be changed by opening adsense-content.pgp and changing the if ( is_single() || is_page() ) part to whatever you want.

    Download it here

    GPL licensed do whatever you want with it.

    Hi zeaks,

    Thanks for your code.

    However, I basically have no problem with the code, as I able to insert them in the 2012 theme, just the problem is I need to find a solution to get the ads not to display more than 3 on index/archive/category.

    My single post are fine with the ads designed. I’ve put float left, middle post and bottom post ads as well as sidebar. Just I don’t want the middle post ads show on index/archive/category.

    Because this new 2012 theme use the same content.php for index/archive/category, so it made the code complicated.

    So now I’m looking for the solution on fixing index/archive/category. And this is why I said 2012 isn’t adsense friendly theme.

    Thank you.

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