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    Recently I’ve noticed this plugin has been extremely inaccurate. I feel like it worked decently for a while, until a few very old, random, rarely read posts started showing up in my popular list. Posts that, according to Google Analytics or Jetpack, were barely viewed at all. And yet they appear at the top of the list.

    Would love to see a fix for this, as there really is no comparable plugin I’ve found that I like as much as this one. I have a feeling it’s bots or something that is throwing off the count. Or even an option to link the wpp plugin to a Jetpack or GA stat account and pull the popular posts directly from there.


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  • Yes, I can confirm this.

    I loved the plugin and it worked well on my website for months i.e. the posts shown were nearly the same as shown by my analytics-software.

    But since about 2 months the popular post in fact suddenly showed older articles, which never ever are among the most popular ones and which are never shown in my analytics software.

    I also think, that bot-calls are counted and not filtered.

    I think this should urgently by fixed!

    Yes, I was looking to add a ‘Top 10 posts for the week’ page on my blog but was shocked to find the data to be absolutely random. Any ideas why this might be happening? I don’t think it bot-calls would affect this so much?

    Ive only had this for a day, but the numbers seem all wrong. There is a very annoying bot, Semalt, which keeps “sending” me traffic, and I think it might be picking up that.

    We are having the same problem. We use WordPress 3.8.1 with a Genesis child theme:

    The widget looks great, but the post ranking is no longer accurate. In addition, the post counts seem far too low (about 20 percent of the counts by Google Analytics).

    I really hope the plugin will be fixed soon. It has been a great extension to our website.

    PS: A lot of readers access our website through Facebook. I donĀ“t know if the plugin is at all able to count visits from Facebook.

    Hey guys. I’m seeing the same thing on my site. It appears that this plug in is busted. I have been using it on my website for some time and at first it appeared to work well but in the past few months it is not even remotely accurate. In my case it seems to only report old stories (as the mostly popular in the last seven days) even though I know newer stories are getting way more hits. Too bad really.

    As anyone had any experience getting this to work correctly.

    Also are there other similar plugins that might be able to do the job?


    I am using the plugin Jetpack Post Views and it seems to be working fine. It integrates with the Jetpack stats plugin so the data returned is correct. No extra CPU or RAM usage needed as it does not have its own logic. And it also has a widget included.

    Not a bad suggestion, but I can’t use JetPack on my site currently. It seems to interfere with a few on my plugins.


    jep, same here. plugin worked for month normal and now is data random. even more, list of post is messed up:
    Order by views
    1. post 52 views
    2. 604 views
    3. 133 views

    12. 444 views

    I can confirm this. Some random posts shown up at top with around 1.000 views.

    But my analytics plugin says that this posts are just barely visited.

    Hope for a fix soon.

    I made empty cache and its working again about month, now statistics are wrong again

    Nothing seems to happen here.

    So I switched over to the Top-!0-Plugin, which gives good results

    Do you know if “top 10” will do mostly popular for the week as well as for the day.

    I need a plugin that has both these features.



    Top10 only has a counter for a free range of days and an overall counter. There is no other different time range.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Hi guys,

    I’m aware of the situation and fortunately I’m positive it’s been fixed now. I’ve been testing the development version (3.0.0) for a month now and the statistics are pretty much close to what Google Analytics is reporting.

    If you’re willing to help me testing, here you can find WPP 3.0.0: Make sure you make a backup first, 3.0.0 includes changes to the database tables that won’t be simple to undo.

    It’s probably a good idea too to clear WPP’s cache (see Tools section) after installing version 3.0.0 in order to track clean statistics.

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