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  1. gan35h
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I installed Apache, PHP and MySQL separately. After that I installed PHPmyadmin and created a new database and user for the wordpress installation.

    When I finally ran the wordpress installation to create the wp-config.php, it accepted the database name and the virtual host that I had created. However, it didn't accept the username and the corresponding password. I realised this after I entered in 'root' as the username and the corresponding mySQL password.

    Now, I have two concerns:
    1. The root username it says is on localhost while I installed everything on a virtual host local.loc. I put in local.loc in the wordpress installation too. Would this come to bite me in the future?

    2. The whole issue with not accepting the username created in phpmyadmin is also not comforting. I need to know if this would affect my wordpress in the future. I'm using virtual hosts with a view to create subdomains on wordpress mu.


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