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not able to upload google verification code

  • Hi,
    I am new to wordpress and have just started my blog.
    I wanted to verify my blog http://sanki.in/ with google but unfortunately am not able to do so. I checked this link http://en.support.wordpress.com/webmaster-tools/ but when I go to the available tools,something about ‘press this’ shows up and nothing else. Not even a clue of webmaster tool verification.
    Has this got something to do with my theme Pagelines platform(free version).
    Also, it has an option to enter a code for google analytics in the footer.php but the verification failed there too.

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  • The Google verification code has to be inserted in the header section (between <head> and </head>. You may check if you have an option to do so in the theme’s framework. If not you can go to the editor and open the file and insert the code. Another method is to upload a small html file from Google to your root directory (through FTP or cPanel).

    Thanks Krishna for your reply. The pagelines theme does not have an option to insert code in the theme’s framework. When I open it in the editor, they have mentioned this about customization.
    – Customization CSS in PageLines Themes
    – Customize PageLines themes by adding CSS in the theme settings or in the Base child theme (w Pro)
    – Don’t add it here; as it will either get overwritten by updates, or prevent you from updating at all
    – (Trust us on this one!)

    So, I think I am left with the third option. Can you please explain in detail how to execute it with cpanel ( i am using hostgator )

    Yes, editing any theme files will make the changes lost when the theme is updated. But you can insert the code in header. The only problem is when you update, you have to insert it again.

    The other option is better. You can login to your cPanel at Hosthator and upload the small html file copied from Google Webmaster tools at the root. Also you can upload the file using FTP programs like FileZilla.

    thanks for bearing with me Krishna. Could you tell more about how to upload the file at the root in cpanel.
    What I am planning to do is this. In cPanel, go to File Manager, then click on web root ( out of four options of home directory, web root, public ftp root and document root ) then upload the HTML file given by google.
    Am i doing it right?

    Yes, where your WordPress files are uploaded.

    Hi Krishna, I wasn’t able to do anything even when I have talked to Hostgator people several times.
    As i said in my first post here that something regarding ‘press this’ appears when i go to available tools. Apparently it is what exactly should come us(as the tutorial http://codex.wordpress.org/Tools_Screen says)
    But when we refer to http://en.support.wordpress.com/webmaster-tools/ the story is completely different.
    I am completely confused now, I have even forgotten whether my blog is on wordpress.com or .org
    Why is this ambiguity arising? What am i missing here?

    I am completely confused now, I have even forgotten whether my blog is on wordpress.com or .org
    Why is this ambiguity arising? What am i missing here?

    Here is a bit of info about your site:
    Your hosting company is: Hostgator
    The domain SANKI.IN is registered with GoDaddy.com Inc. Please NOTE it, I will be deleting some info soon.

    Thanx for the info.
    But my main concern was about the ambiguity in the two links because every where on this forum I have seen people referring to http://en.support.wordpress.com/webmaster-tools/ where as my blog is on wordpress.org. So how do i reach the google verification tool in my dashboard?

    Do you have a Google account?

    yes …i have a google account which says verification home. Do i need some other account?

    Try to go here, login, add your site and get your ownership verification code. Look around the links there.

    I am there. In fact I have been there since the last 2 days. I will tell you in detail.
    When I first logged in and requested google for verification, they generated a verification code in a HTML file and said that the preferred method will be to upload that code in the header are or google verification tool, both of which I was not able to do/find.
    But somehow i found a place in my theme template that said post google analytics number here ( in the footer area ), so I did the same and now, but it still doesnt work.(it just sort of appeared in the lower most left corner of the site, check it out )
    The other method is of inserting the meta tag which my theme does not allow.
    The other alternate methods suggested are through google analytics account (which again I dont know about) and the last is through domain.
    Now i tried the domain method but I got stuck in the middle becaUSE at one stage they asked me launch the DNS server but since my site is not hosted on godaddy, it was again a dead end.
    So the last option for me is to now handle the google analytics account probably.

    You are trying something that is not possible. As you said and I verified, you are hosted with Hostgator. Either login there and upload the small html file where your WordPress installation is. Or just click on CHAT at Hostgator and tell the support staff what you want to do. Keep the code/ html file ready. Also your credit card info to verify that you are the owner of the site.

    i already did that too, twice.
    in the first instance their representative simply asked me to tell him the google verification code and said that he will verify the site.Then he said that he has verified the site and asked me to check with google a couple of hours later. But still, no result.
    I, then, again talked to another representative and asked him to help to get to correct wordpress file folder and upload the google file. He instead asked me to send my google verification login/password details to their support email and said that they will take care of the issue. Though he was confident of the privacy i still am a little apprehensive of sending my login details as that is linked with my primary email. But now that seems to be the only way out.

    If you do not know how to do a certain thing, you have to believe someone who will be ready to help you. That is the only way. I do not think the Hostgator staff will misuse your Google ID. Again, after the job is done, just change your password. That’s all.

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