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    Hello, on the Safari browser I am not able to see checks in checkboxes (even when I know that it’s checked because auto-updates are working correctly).

    <input id="plugins" name="plugins" type="checkbox" checked>="">

    This is what I mean:

    Tried on multiple websites I run, these are all different setups with different themes and plugin (around 10 sites) and on neither one it is showing correctly.

    Can you please confirm if this is an error on your/mine side? Would love to give you any information you need to investigate.


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  • Hello,

    I have the same problem. I use Google Chrome.
    I noticed that the file “/wp-content/plugins/companion-auto-update/backend/images/check.svg” is missing.


    Just a note to say I’m having the same issue. Checks do appear in the old Internet Explorer browser but not in Chrome or the new Edge.

    Same issue here on every new plugin installation. Can’t check any box.

    Confirmed with Firefox on Linux. Inside the input-tag checked=”” is set, so the plugin is working correctly – just not showing it.

    Same issue with Firefox on Windows 10. This is looking like a pretty universal issue in modern browsers. Sounds like an easy enough fix.

    Plugin Author Papin Schipper


    It was a pretty silly bug on our side. Update 3.5.2 will fix it 🙂

    It was, we love you nonetheless <3

    Same issue.

    Please note that this makes the plugin unusable from a practical point of view.

    I just tried it for the first time in a year+ and deleted it and switched to another plugin.

    Please note that not fixing this bug immediately (you say it will be fixed in an upcoming version) as an emergency bug fix may lead to less adoption by new users and/or negative reviews and/or less confidence in the plugin.

    Which I don’t want for you because I have used your plugin in the past and really like it and the support you provide.


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    It’s already solved man, just update the plugin.


    If you read my post you will see I just tried it meaning I just installed it from the standard wp repo and have the issue so no it is not solved. Man.

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    It is solved for me, so perhaps you are doing something wrong on your end, or you have entirely another issue 🙂

    Please let the dev speak for the plugin not you.

    Man you gave us basically 0 information, how can dev speak to you when he doesn’t know anything about your setup. He clearly states in the latest update that he fixed the issue and if it’s not fixed, it’s different than the issue we other had here in this post.

    Care to create your own topic for this issue then, thanks.

    Please note that because it is solved for you does not mean it is necessarily solved for everyone.

    It is the same issue, same behaviour, therefore not entirely another issue.

    I will not respond to you more, this is making it more difficult.

    Again let the dev respond.

    You are out of place here you are starting an argument Smexhy I will report to mods if you continue

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