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    Hi lads,

    Been searching this forum from time to time but nothing has helped me so now I make my own post.

    I log in and everything looks fine with the 2.7 (nice layout btw) and I can do pretty much everything BUT I cant edit or post anything (the only thing I can edit that I have discoverd so far is the comments and links and I can use the quick edits or quick post).

    When I try to post a new post the page is all blank, nothing shows up. The same when trying to edit a page.

    The auto upgrade wont work at all and when I installed NEXTgen gallery it wont update the database for some reason? No auto update works for the plugins it just starts to download and sometimes start to unpack but after that nothing happens at all… I just keep staring at the Downloading or unpacking text…

    Tried several times to reinstall but nothing… really dont know what to do anymore, thanks in advance with help! 🙂

    The page works fine when browsing it btw… <- swedish site but if you want to check it for some unknown reason.

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  • henriksultan


    I bump my thread in hope of an answer… thanks in advance…



    I just upgraded a site to 2.7 and am having exactly the same problem. Any assistance would be appreciated.




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    If you’ve already turned off your plugins and you’re still getting this error, try re-uploading everything for 2.7. And by that I mean:

    1) Turn of ALL plugins
    2) DELETE the folders /wp-includes and /wp-admin (yes, delete)
    3) Upload WP 2.7
    4) Test
    5) Turn on plugins one at a time until something breaks, and upgrade/deactivate those plugins as needed



    I will try it when time permits :p Will comeback and let you know if it worked. Is it realy that a big of different to delete and just overwrite the files? (Don’t worry I will delete them this time and see)


    I works fine btw 🙂 thanks mate…

    Having another stuff with the number of plugins but thats for another time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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