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  • Hi I hope you can help, I am using Social quite successfully and am able to post comments from facebook and Twitter, however i am unable to add comments direct to the website or able to log in using facebook or twitter accounts as the social plugin suggests you can.
    an example is here

    I’ve looked at the forum here and checked the comments.css file but am unsure of how to correct this still and I’m a bit of a coding novice 🙂

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  • Hi just to clarify this a bit more:
    I use your social plugin extensively to integrate posts with twitter and facebook and everything works great apart from one thing.

    the abiliy to leave a comment direct to a post from the website is not possible, nor is it possible to log into the the website using FB or Twiiter account.

    this is because the Social comment Box does not display correctly on any post, I’m not using any other comment plugins lik disqu which i heard is not compatible.

    the theme I use is Pressworks
    here is an example of a post and how the comments box looks
    <a href=”
    i’ve searched all the forums but cannot find a specific fix and I’m still fairly new to WordPress tbh

    I’ve also tried disabling various other plugins. When I turn of the option to display social comments the post go back to showing the default Pressworks Comments box which is not what i want

    Many thanks

    Maarten, if you try changing to a different theme (like “Twenty Twelve”) then it’s likely you’ll see the comment form appear. If so, then that means the plugin is working but the theme has an incompatibility of some form.

    Hopefully that helps continue the troubleshooting process on your end…

    hi Devin
    thanks for that information, I was considering doing that but wasn;t sure how much of my website I would break if I switch Themes. for instance if I switch back to my normal theme would my website look all back to normal again? as this is a live site which can’t be offline for too long. I am in the process of setting up a test environment to match the live to be able to precisely do this kind of thing,

    btw I’ve since found out that in IE in compatability mode the form displayes correctly although certain other aspects of the website dont look right in compatebility mode, so I wonder if there is a compatability with SocialPlugin and IE9

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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