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  1. sandman313
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    HI All

    I've got a main blog site (live on the net) http://www.singlepageserving.com that relays to a sub folder on my root directory of /singlepageserving/main_site. I also set up a subdomain of test.singlepageserving.com that relays to a sub folder on my root directory of /singlepageserving/test_site. One is for testing changes or different site configs while I have my main site working for all to review. I didn't forsee this as a problem, HOWEVER when I try to log into the admin section of the site it keeps flopping back and fourth between the "test.singlepageserving.com/wp-admin" and the "singlepageserving.com/wp-admin". I log into one and then it passes me to the other to log in there and I just keep looping around.

    So I had the bright idea of doing all the developing in the test site and then I just migrated the data from the test MySQL DB to the Main Site MySQL DB and just made sure to update the table names and check the config file, but something is a miss.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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