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  • Jennifer


    WordPress version: 3.5.1
    WordPress SEO version: 1.4.1

    I did this: Updated from to 1.4

    I expected the plugin to do this: Function the same, be able to edit the title.

    Instead it did this: I can’t edit the title at all. Is this how it’s supposed to be? I prefer to have the ability to do this but it’s non-editable at all atm. I’m not very tech minded sorry.

    Do I need to revert back to use that feature? x

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  • Yup, same thing happened to me, as I already mentioned in another thread.

    I hope Joost will fix this.



    Oh sorry, I searched but obviously not hard enough.

    It’s very frustrating isn’t it? I’m not sure whether to revert back to for the time being. Will there be any repercussions for doing this do you know?


    Don’t be sorry, what I really meant to say was I mentioned this impossibility of editing the title in a thread opened by somebody else, for a different problem. So yours is the first thread to address only this issue.

    Well, it’s kinda frustrating yes, like almost all things that just don’t work the way they used to anymore.

    I don’t think you’d have any trouble if reverting back to That version was compatible with WP 3.5.1 too. I haven’t tried reverting myself, though.

    I didn’t update this plugin on another site I manage, so I’m still able to edit SEO Titles there…



    Thanks 🙂 I’ve noticed someone has mentioned on another post that you can paste in the box & then edit it that way so I’ll stick to doing that for the time being. Not great but manageable.

    Thanks for all your help. Hope it gets fixed soon! x

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