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    Since the upgrade I haven’t been able to edit previous posts. When I try to add keywords or additional tags I get a 500 server error page. I’m not sure if it’s in the Headspace2 plugin or something else. I’m kinda afraid to write a new post for fear I might get all done and poof the 500 server error pops up. Whats weird is that sometimes it will save the data, but mostly it won’t.
    I like the new look of WordPress just don’t like when a new upgrade comes out.. everybody getting everything tweaked just right, it’s such a pain.


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  • Try increasing your server’s memory

    How do I do that, I use 1 and 1 web hosting. I looked around but not really sure where to go. I don’t have much on my memory usage in there, if that’s what your talking about, I have plenty of space to add files.

    You need to contact the server admin, i.e. your hosts. They can solve this issue.
    Have a look at this:

    Okay, found where it is. After a while of reading and searching I found that I can not increase the memory on my server, I am allocated 20M usage only with the package I have. So does that mean basically I’m limited to the amount of plugins I can use, do I need to get rid of something to allow room for the ones I really need?
    I went in and changed a few permissions to see if that would help but nothing yet. arrrg, I’m also having problems with my sitemap.

    Thanks for your help,

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