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  • Hello,
    This plugin has worked great and I’m not sure if this is a new change or I just never noticed it. I have two different signup forms. One of them goes to one list, the other has checkboxes for multiple lists.

    If I sign myself up for the first list on the single form, it removes me from any other list that I am signed up for! Likewise if I signup on the checkbox form, and select multiple lists (multiple feeds tied to one form), it seems to only honor the lowest (last) checkbox checked. It also removes me from any previous lists.

    This behavior does not seem intentional, but I am also unfamiliar with the API. It “feels” like the plugin is treating each new signup as a new contact and somehow eradicating previous list-entries. Is there a way to differentiate between a user who already exists and one that does not? When I view the member in the CC dashboard, it retains the original signup date (last year), so it seems to at least keep the record around.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thank you.

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  • Having the same issue. Two forms on the same site should populate two different lists. However, if someone attempts to sign up for both lists, it overwrites their preferences and moves them from one list to the other rather than just changing their preferences to include their email in the second list. Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Me too.

    I set it up so that there’s three “feeds” linked to the same form (to three email lists), but when I submit, it only actually signs me up for one of them.

    Is there a way to fix this so that a user can sign up for multiple email lists using a single form?


    Having exactly the same issue. I see this question was originally asked 2 months ago. It sure would be nice to see a reply with an answer by now. It makes absolutely no sense that we can’t utilize two different forms to populate two different interest lists. Seems like common sense. No site visitor would expect to have their email removed from a previously signed up for list because they signed up for a different topic on the same site. Please let the community of people who have put faith in this plugin know if there is a solution or a plan to fix this.

    Hoping for some attention to this question, thanks.



    I’d like an answer to this as well. I have 5 different lists that I’d like to allow users to sign up for via checkboxes on the same form, but the form only allows one subscription at a time and if the user is already signed up, they are unsubscribed from one list and subscribed to another.

    Is this possible? Seems like this would be a fairly common need.

    This is the short hacky way I used to patch the plugin for now until Katz is able to amend:

    Look for this line (was at 1179 for me) in constantcontact.php:

    $contactXML = self::CC_Contact()->createContactXML((string)$existingID,$params);

    …and just before it, put:

    $contactInfo = self::CC_Contact()->getSubscriberDetails($params['email_address']);
    $params['lists'] = array_merge( $params['lists'], $contactInfo['lists']);

    This will retrieve the existing user’s current list(s) as an array and merge it with the list(s) you are adding just before the XML update request is generated.

    @michael Dozark THANK YOU! Works perfectly.


    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    This is fixed in 2.1 (coming very soon). Thanks @michael. Sorry for the very long delay.

    You said this is fixed in 2.1. How do I sign them up for more than one list at the same time

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