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[Resolved] Not able to add media

  • Hi John,

    I am keen to use your plugin (and purchase pro version) but during testing have found that I am not able to “Add Media”. All add media prompts come up as they should but an image is never inserted.

    Deactivated all plugins – except yours – and also reverted back to default theme. Same problem.

    Some assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author John Turner


    See this screencast, are you clicking insert into post?


    Hi John,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Not the 1st time but in all subsequent testing…. yes – I was definitely hitting the “Insert into Post” button. And after deactivating all plugins and reverting back to 2012 theme – also… hitting the “Insert into Post” button.

    So this remains an issue. However, I have just discovered that my site has been hacked. Hours within doing a fresh install would you believe it! At this stage I cannot tell whether I was testing your plugin before the site was hacked or afterwards.

    Let me sort out the hack issue and get back to you.


    Plugin Author John Turner


    OK, best of luck with the hack. Let me know if you find out anything, no one else has reported this issue, so I’ll wait to hear back on your situation.

    Hi John,

    Site de-hacked and your plugin updated to latest version.
    Still having the same issue adding media to Description field.

    Please assist if at all possible.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    Ah ok, in the description field. Looks like a bug , will check it out tomorrow.

    Thanks John

    Plugin Author John Turner


    I just released 1.6.1 which fixes this issue.

    Thanks John… magic!

    To show appreciation for your prompt response and fix… have just purchased Pro version of your plugin.



    Plugin Author John Turner


    Thanks Robert! Let me know if you have any questions.

    I have exactly the same problem, fresh install of WP 3.5 with Coming Soon 1.6.1 and nothing inserted when I click Insert into Post.

    If I paste the URL from the Media Library, it is saved and displayed correctly.

    Hope my site isn’t hacked too, Robert! Any idea how/why?

    Plugin Author John Turner



    Robert’s issue of being hacked and the plugin not inserting were unrelated.

    Are you having an issue inserting an image in to the description field or the image field?

    The latest version of the plugin 1.6.1 fixed the issue for me.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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