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  • After playing around with the widget earlier, I finally found the fault that is stopping this plugin from becoming a great plugin.

    I first went to the main settings and set up a ‘pages’ option in the widget, but this just exposed the fault more.

    In the main settings, there’s a dropdown option to set ‘all time’, ‘last month’, ‘last week’ and ‘last day’, which in theory, seeing as this is supposed to be a trending posts plugin, should show the pages or posts viewed most often in the last month, last week, or last day.

    Underneath this dropdown however, there are more instructions:

    Select time range for post visibility. Note: The post published within this time range will be visible.

    This last part lets the whole side down, as if it’s set to – let’s say – ‘last month’, then nothing will show at all due to no new pages having been published in the last month.

    So is there a way to turn this plugin into a trending posts plugin for ALL posts and pages regardless of when they were first published?

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    Just a little more info on this issue – tried it just now with the default widget (as opposed to the ‘text box with shortcodes’ one) and it does exactly the same thing:

    ie setting the dropdown in the main settings to ‘one month’ instead of ‘all time’ wipes out all of the pages.


    Thank you for reaching us…

    You are missunderstanding plugin usage for trending post. This plugin is displaying post base on the published date when you set ‘all time’, ‘last month’, ‘last week’ and ‘last day’ from the main setting. It will take aggregate counting of the posts to make it trending.

    I hope this will help you.

    Thank You!

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    Not really, no.

    As far as I’m aware, something that’s ‘trending’, is something that’s being viewed and read, more times than the second most ‘trending’, and more times than the third most ‘trending’, and on and on, regardless of when the item was published.

    For a plugin to claim this, without actually doing it is quite misleading IMHO, and the need to have the settings set to ‘all time’, with no changes to the content due to the older posts naturally having more views due to their age, just proves my opinion.

    Similarly, regarding the ‘pages’ post type, which just goes to prove this more, NO pages can be shown on this plugin’s content if the settings are set to ‘within the last week’, as even though my pages are being viewed, they cannot show up as they were not published in the last week.

    This plugin should either include functionality to show ‘trending posts’ (or pages) from any time regardless of publishing date, or the name of the plugin should be changed to stop misleading users.


    Thank you for your update…

    You are right about something that’s trending means that’s being view often by users.

    For a plugin to claim this, without actually doing it is quite misleading IMHO, and the need to have the settings set to ‘all time’, with no changes to the content due to the older posts naturally having more views due to their age, just proves my opinion.
    Comment: That’s why we have created setting to set “all time”, which is filtering all posts order base on view count like highest view count posts on top and so on.

    I have created a demo for you which was little bit modified to display count to understand.

    About other options like “Last Day”, which is defining by itself that the user only wants to display order base on yesterday’s top view post only. Same for “Last 7 Days” and “Last Month”.

    There is none of a way we are misleading users to understand the usage of the plugin and its features. We are clearly displaying the website most viewed posts if you use this plugin without changing any of our plugin settings. Please check by yourself and if you have any query then go to our profile and join us on website chat for more clarifications.

    IF you have added this plugin on your website and its live then share with us.

    Thank You!

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    Ok then, the proof in the pudding.

    Check out the following screenshots from a ‘live test page’ on my website.

    For this first run, the settings were set to show ALL TIME with the shortcodes:

    [wtpsw_gridbox post_type=”post” view_by=”views”]

    …for posts, and

    [wtpsw_gridbox post_type=”page” view_by=”views”]

    …for pages.



    I then ‘published the ‘LIVE TEST PAGE‘ so that you could see this next part:

    After setting (in the main settings to the plugin) to show all posts and pages from the last week, there was nothing showing, as no posts or pages had been published in the last week.

    So I quickly made a new ‘page’ so that would show up, and set the main settings to ‘ONE MONTH’ so that last months posts would also show up.

    As you can see, only the posts that were published in the last month are showing up, and only the page just published is showing up on the ‘pages’ section.

    What is needed here is a ‘range’ setting in the shortcode, so that ALL TIME could be used in the main settings, and the ‘range’ could be set to only show posts/pages viewed in the last day, week, month, 3 months or whatever.

    ALL the other ‘popular posts’ plugins have this ‘range’ setting, with the OPTION to show only posts that were published within that time, only as I’ve said in another threads in this support forum, the layout on this plugin is truly excellent.

    Hope this posts explains the problem I’m having a little more.

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    Just upgraded to the latest version, and was disappointed to see that there was still no ‘range’ parameter.

    I guess that this plugin is just an all time popular posts plugin then, with no intentions of making it into a trending posts plugin.

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